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About B2C White Label Travel & Utility Portal

Services: Flights, Hotels, Buses, Holidays, Visa, Cruises, Travel Insurance, Group Booking, Recharge & Bill Payments, Sight Seeing, Transfers & Many More...

Free SSL, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway

No need to maintain balance Only whitelabel portal in India with Direct Transaction & Instant Commission facility

Markup, Discount Coupon Codes & Service Fee Tool with best commission and rates, User Wallet for Instant Refunds

Dynamic Website Can add own pages, blogs, Banners, offers & Services

Free Android Mobile Application

About B2B White Label Travel, Utility & Banking Portal

Services: Flight, Hotels, Buses, Railway Ticketing, Holidays, Visa, Cruises, Travel Insurance, Group Booking, Sight Seeing, Transfers, Recharge, Bill Payments (BBPS Services like fastag recharge, loan repayment, gas booking and many more included), Money Transfer, AEPS, AAdharpay, Microatm, General Insurance, UPI QR Code, UTI & NSDL Pancard & Many More...

Free SSL, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway

Unlimited Retailer(Agent) and Distributor Id's

Self Topup Option, Virtual A/C & QR Code

Userwise Markup & Commission Setting Tool with best commission structure

Dynamic Portal Can add own pages, Banners, offers & Services

Operations Team, Holidays Team, Visa Team, Cruise Team & Technical Team Available

Free Android Mobile Application

Our Features

Best in class features with seamless user experience.

B2C, B2B (Branch, Distributor & Agent) B2E Corporate

White label solution, Multiple vendors (Metasearch) within one application

Extended travel admin console.

Get real time reports. Automated monthly reports and billing to B2B users.

Deployment & Go-Live in less than 2 Days.

Leading suppliers and vendors API pre integrated within the system.

Android / IOS Mobile application. B2C & B2B

Excellent speed, Very easy to use,
Hybrid Phone Application

We offer complete SOFTWARE solution & WHITELABEL under your BRAND

Travel Services To Offer

Flight Booking Application / Software / Portal Flight Bookings
Hotel Booking Application / Software / Portal Hotel Bookings
Homestay Booking Application / Software / Portal Homestay Bookings
Bus Booking Application / Software / Portal Buses Bookings
Car Booking Application / Software / Portal Car Bookings
Cruises Booking Application / Software / Portal Cruise Bookings
Holiday Packages Supplier Holiday Packages
Sightseeing Packages Supplier Sightseeing Bookings
Transfers Packages Supplier Transfers Bookings
MICE Packages Supplier MICE/Group Travel
Railway Ticketing System Railway Ticketing
Online Visa Services Visa & many more...
Travel CRM Travel Agent CRM
Travel Insurance Travel Insurance
& Many More Customised Services Integration Available...

Utility Services To Offer

B2B Mobile & DTH Recharge Application Mobile & DTH Recharge
B2B Cable DTH connection application Cable/DTH
B2B Pan Card Application / White Label / API Pan Card Solution
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel LIC Premium Payment
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel Fastag Recharge
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel Electric Bill Pay
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel Water Bill Pay
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel Gas Booking & Bill
Bharat Bill Payment System api or whitelabel All BBPS / Billpay
Car Bike insurance Vehicle Insurance
& Many More Customised Services Integration Available...

Banking Services To Offer

B2B QR CODE Application / White Label UPI QR Code
B2B Money Transfer Application / White Label Money Transfer
Aadhaar Enabled Payment System api white label AEPS / AAdharpay
SBI Chhota ATM, Debit, Credit Card Swipe Machine Micro ATM Machine
Nepal money transfer Nepal Money Transfer
Loan Repayment Loan Repayment
& Many More Customised Services Integration Available...

Our Products


B2B and B2C White label travel portal and white label utility portal available with all the services. Activation done immediately. Go LIVE within few hours only. Hassle free way to own a travel website


Customized travel portal development with ready business modules in order to go live faster. Available with complete source code. Many pre integrated API's available.


Complete travel software available with all API's, Server (Hosting) & Maintainance on monthly basis. Flexibility to convert in to enterprise business model any time.


Recharge API, Bill Payment API available in general and Money Transfer and AEPS API, Flight Booking API, Hotel Booking API, Bus Booking API available with SAAS Business model only.

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Why to choose Rayds

Rayds is 'the choice' for many organizations who have chosen to transform,
grow, and lead in the challenging business environment of today!

This refers to the process of creating a custom travel portal from scratch, tailored to the specific requirements of a travel agency or business. Our travel portal development company provide modules for B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2E, Corporate travel booking software, Corporate travel management software and Travel CRM to facilitate travel business.

B2C travel portal target end consumers directly and allow users to search and book travel services online, usually at retail rates with personalized user experiences

B2B travel website development company targets travel agents, distributors or resellers who can access and book travel services at wholesale rates. These portals provide features like inventory management, mark-up tools, commission management, fund management, CRM for travel bookings management and many features offered by travel portal development company.

Rayds is one of the best travel portal development company in India located at Mumbai having travel technology development experience of more than 10 years. Our team of expert developers understands the complexities of the travel industry and crafts custom travel portal development services to suit your unique requirements. From designing captivating interfaces to integrating the best flight booking software for travel agents, we ensure a flawless user experience.

At an affordable travel portal development cost, our services cover online travel portal development, b2c travel portal development, and more. As the best travel portal development company, we take pride in creating stunning websites that captivate users and increase conversions.

Travel portal white label, white label travel booking engine is a ready made travel portal solution provided by a travel technology provider or a travel agency website designer. It can be customized and rebranded by travel agencies or businesses to offer travel services under their own brand

A white label travel portal development company focuses on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly websites for travel agencies, providing a seamless user experience and incorporating essential features for travel bookings in to his white label travel website

There are two different whitelabel products available with rayds, b2b white label travel portal and b2c white label travel portal

Recharge software is designed to facilitate mobile and DTH (Direct-to-Home) recharge services. It allows users to recharge prepaid mobile phones, DTH connections, data cards, and other utility bills from a single platform. This software is commonly used by businesses or individuals who want to offer recharge services to customers.

Here are some key features typically found in multi-recharge software: Multiple service providers: The software integrates with various telecom operators and service providers, allowing users to recharge different networks and service providers.
User-friendly interface: The software usually has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and perform recharges. It is also called Mobile Recharge Software.

B2B Recharge Software: It provides multiple recharge options, such as prepaid mobile recharge, DTH recharge, data card recharge, postpaid bill payments, and more. B2B Multi-recharge software often incorporates a wallet system, enabling users to load funds into their wallets and use them for recharges. Recharge admin software include commission management features, allowing them to set commissions for each recharge and track earnings. It maintains a record of all transactions, enabling users to access transaction history and generate reports for accounting and analysis purposes.

Recharge software development company often provides API (Application Programming Interface) integration, allowing businesses to integrate the recharge functionality into their existing websites or applications. Rayds is one of the recharge api providers also providing all in one recharge software with b2b recharge api, lapu recharge api, white label recharge software, recharge software source code, api recharge software, recharge whitelabel, recharge api, mrobotics recharge api integration option.

It's important to note that there are different multi-recharge software providers available in the market, each offering unique features and pricing structures. Before selecting a specific software, it's advisable to research and compare different options to find the one that best multi recharge software to suits your requirements.

Utility services are essential services that are necessary for our daily lives. These services include Electricity Bill Payment, Water Bill Payment, Gas Bill Payment, Gas Cylinder Booking, Fastag Recharge, Lic Premium Payment, Loan EMI Payment, Education Fee Payment, All BBPS Services, Pancard Registration, UPI QR Code Services, General Insurance like Vehicle insurance, Railway Ticketing, Visa Solution and Many more B2B services provided as complete utility software with source code or Utility white label services.

At Rayds we provide one of the best commission structure provided in the industry for all services.

Fintech, short for financial technology, refers to the innovative use of technology to deliver financial services more efficiently, securely, and conveniently.

At Rayds, We provide many fintech products and services such as Domestic Money Transfer Software, Money Transfer White Label, AEPS Software, AEPS White label, Micro ATM Software, Micro ATM White Label, Aadhar Pay Software, Aadhar Pay White label, Nepal Money Transfer, UPI Integration Services

A Travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a specialized software solution designed to assist travel agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies in managing their customer relationships, bookings, and operations efficiently. It provides a centralized platform to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes within the travel industry.

Here are some key features and benefits of a Travel CRM:
  • Lead Management, Sales Management
  • Voucher Generation, Invoice Generation, E-Tickets Generation
  • Document Management, Contact Management
  • Travel management for Holidays, Hotels Bookings, Flights Bookings, Transfers Bookings, Cruise Bookings, Car Bookings, Visa Application Services, Passport Application Services, Activities Bookings, Travel Insurance
  • Travel Agency Management Software
  • Corporate Travel Booking Management
  • Markup, commission, refund and cancellation Management Tools
  • Multiple trips management system
  • Holiday quotation generator, Itinerary builder
  • Discount Coupons Management module
  • Booking Notifications Email & SMS
  • Chat API Integration
  • Integrated online payment gateways
  • MIS reports for Bookings, Earnings, Sales, Profits and Loses

  • Under this product we provide online travel booking services like Travel CRM, Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and offline services includes Holiday Packages, Visa Application Service, Car Booking, Cruise Booking, Homestay & Villas and you get an option to add many more offline services and pages of your choice. You can add options in menu bar as well
  • No need to maintain balance in admin. Customer can directly book tickets and commission gets credited instantly
  • Best commission structure and rates availables
  • Fully dynamic website where you can change sliding banners and offers on daily basis
  • Users wallet system for instant refunds and reversals
  • Discount Coupon code can be generated and used as a marketing tool
  • Full-fledged admin panel to manage all your bookings, users, reports, markup and discount tool, service charges tool, other utility and fintech services also available in admin
  • Android mobile application also provided along with publishing in google playstore

  • Under this product we provide almost all the domestic B2B Services like Travel CRM, Flights, Hotels, Buses, Holidays Packages, Visa Application Service, Car Booking, Cruise Booking, Homestay & Villas, Railway Ticketing, Mobile and DTH Recharge, Bill Payments(BBPS Services like Fastag Recharge, Loan Repayment, Gas Booking and many more included), Money Transfer, AEPS, General Insurance, Pan Card Registration, UPI QR Code, AAdharpay, Microatm, M-POS, NSDL Pancard
  • Best commission structure provided in industry for all services
  • Can create unlimited retailer(agent) and distributor Id's
  • User selftopup option
  • Option to set commission structure user category wise
  • Dynamic platform where you can add your own offline services and offers for b2b
  • Can customize landing page on your own and update on daily basis
  • Support and technical team available for all transactions or any issues
  • Fully automated system to ensure smooth transactions without any hassle
  • Android mobile application also provided along with publishing in google playstore

Entire travel and utility portal is designed keeping in mind the user experience. It is self explanatory and quite easy to use.

A quality product appreciated by our valued customers, responding promptly and respectfully to your business needs. Our application focuses on providing a positive customer experience both at the point of sale and after the sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage.

Experience, Expertise, Energy and Enthusiasm. These are the capabilities and qualities of spirit that our team and partners bring to each and every client engagement.

Each of our team members has real-world experience and a proven track record of implementing innovative solutions to drive sustainable results.

We have a multi vendor platform. All services weather it is Flight booking, Hotel Booking, Car Booking, Mobile or DTH Recharge, Bill Payments, Money transfer are powered with multiple vendors within one application.

Hence the application is capable enought to compare and provide you with best deal available.

Our application is designed and developed keeping the latest industry trends in mind.

We continuously update our application as per the new trends observed in the industry.

Collaboration with the right digital partners is key to growth strategy and success.

We at Rayds ensure that our clients only focus on their business operations and growth. All technical requirements are taken care by us.

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